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50 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 e purchase of equipment for your SMT line should be an efficient and pleasant expe- rience. In this column, we will discuss how to ensure that procuring your new SMT equip- ment contributes as much enjoyment—as well as increased profit margin—just by following these two key steps. Step 1: Decide if You Want New or Used Equipment When weighing your equipment options, you first must decide what you want more: a lower up-front cost or ensured reliability. Choosing used equipment will save your com- pany money, but unexpected problems with the purchased machine may occur. With new equipment, the initial investment will be more, but you can set high expectations for the lon- gevity and quality of the machine. If you choose used equipment e main risk you take when choosing pre- owned machinery is that major, unforeseen problems may end up costing more (through services, repairs, and equipment downtime) than buying new. To avoid this issue, there are some things you can consider and receive doc- umentation to safeguard your purchase. Before buying, you should ask: • When was the machine built? – Look for an official ID tag with the date-of-manufacture listed (Figure 1). If it was built 10 years ago or more, there is a chance the manufacturer may no longer support it and replacement parts may be difficult to find. • How many hours was the machine run? – e more use a machine has had, the more wear and tear it has received. It is best if the seller replaces all heavily worn parts and updates the machine. • Are there signs of a degraded physical condition? – Check for evidence of rust, chipped paint, or broken plexiglass on the machine; these superficial issues could be indicators of deeper problems with the equipment and should be addressed. Plus, aer sitting for an extended time, the equipment may need a recalibration. • Did the previous owner keep service logs? A How-to Guide: Avoiding Pitfalls When Purchasing SMT Equipment The Mannifest by Emmalee Gagnon, MANNCORP Figure 1: Example of an official ID tag.

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