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AUGUST 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 53 there will be an on-call technician available to help with troubleshooting. • Will the machine be able to integrate with existing equipment? – If your company has existing SMT equipment in use, you should check that the machine being added is from the same manufacturer—or at least is compatible when run in-line. It is usually best to purchase your entire line from one vendor so they can guarantee integration. • When will the machine be delivered? – e timeline from date of purchase to the equipment being up and running should be outlined for you by the supplier. If the machinery is coming from overseas, there may be long delays prior to install. It is best to choose an equipment supplier that already has your machine in your area to reduce the length of time before receiving the shipment. • At what point does the machine transfer to FOB delivery? – e supplier should specify when the obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of the machine will shi from being their responsibility to yours. is will help you understand up front what it will cost to get the equipment to your facility and who will be responsible for any damages at different points in the process. Step 2: Do Your Due Diligence Whether you choose new or used equip- ment, you should be confident in the reliabil- ity of the machine and the reliability of the support you will receive. is combination of reliable equipment and reliable customer ser- vice from your supplier will make the entire experience of having in-house production eas- ier and more fruitful. By knowing what signs to look for in a reliable machine, and what ser- vices to expect from your SMT equipment provider, you will have less equipment down- time and on-call technicians at-the-ready for any rare problems that do occur. Expert Tip: Before purchasing any machine (new or used), you should ask what require- ment your facility will have to meet to accom- modate the equipment. Aspects of that accommodation include: • What power connection is needed? • What types of hardware are required? • Does it need controlled air and humidity levels? • Will the temperature be suitable? • Will plumbing be required for operation? Machine Reliability e reliability of a machine being purchased is of utmost importance (Figure 2). No one wants to go through the entire buying process of a major piece of equipment only to have it fail on them. Machine downtime is a costly and, unfortunately, a common problem fac- ing businesses with in-house production. is can be especially impactful on small businesses running limited equipment. If you are depend- ing on a single pick-and-place machine and it is suddenly not in working condition, the entire ecosystem of production is thrown out Figure 2: It's important to have a machine that's reliable.

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