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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 of balance. To avoid this detrimental situation, finding equipment you can rely on is essential. But, to find it, you need to know what to look out for and what to expect. What to Look For Warranties Aside from parts that frequently require replacement during routine maintenance (such as nozzles, belts, filters, bulbs, etc.), all elements of your newly purchased SMT equip- ment should last for a long time. Most high- quality equipment suppliers will guarantee at least a year of running their machinery prob- lem-free, and if anything happens, it should be covered under a standard warranty. is stan- dard warranty should be included in the price of the machine, and should be good for a year or more, depending on the product being pur- chased. When it comes to used equipment, the warranty lengths vary. It is common to see a reduced warranty period for used machines, simply because they have experienced more wear and tear. Due to the lower up-front costs of pre-owned equipment, the trade-off of a shorter warranty period may be worth it to some customers. When looking at used equip- ment, make sure the supplier is reliable, not a dealer without the ability to run or train per- sonnel on the machines being sold. If no war- ranty at all is offered at the time of purchase, or if the only warranty available is a big extra expense, this may be a red flag that the machin- ery in question is not reliable. Good References While looking for the best equipment for your business, you should choose a supplier that has good references. Honest reviews and feedback directly from real people who cur- rently use the same machines can be an impact- ful resource for customers. If an equipment supplier is not willing to provide contact info for their referrals, you may want to look else- where. A good sign from a company is a long list of customers willing to back up their claims of quality products. Helpful Materials Purchasing SMT machines from an unreli- able dealer oen leads to major issues with the materials that can be difficult to overcome— it may even make it impossible to use the equipment purchased. For instance, you may receive instruction manuals that are not writ- ten in English, making the machine unusable. From the product descriptions on the com- pany's website, to the documents provided before the sale, to the instruction guides deliv- ered with the machines, each element should be understandable and helpful. When decid- ing on a machine for your company, review the documents provided. If the information makes sense and is helpful, that will likely be a good indication of whether the machine itself will be reliable. Reliable Support Many SMT equipment suppliers offer lit- tle or no customer service. Without consider- ing the level of support you may receive from a company; you may be faced with an offshore manufacturer who is unable to help with pro- gramming or troubleshooting issues. Your sup- plier should be easy to contact, helpful, and should understand their own products well. Rather than going through the hassle of mak- ing the switch to a more supportive supplier down the line, customers can instead find reli- able support from the start by setting reason- able expectations. What to Expect A Great Buying Experience Some key points that you should expect as a customer include clear communication, hon- est information, and high-quality products. ese three aspects of the buying experience are important for showing that the products being purchased are ones you can feel confi-

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