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58 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson chats with Rob Boguski about the latest happenings at the Fremont, Califor- nia testing and inspection service provider. Nolan Johnson: is is our first chance to talk about Datest since last year's SMTAI. How has business been? Rob Boguski: It has been a busy few months, particularly since January. Like everybody, we've emerged from our cocoon of the last year and life is certainly starting to acceler- ate the pace of business faster—the degree of involvement, the types of projects we're get- ting involved with, new customer activity is very vibrant right now. It seems like everybody is reinvigorated to some degree. Everyone in my immediate circle of colleagues is very busy right now. ere's a high demand for differ- ent products that allow for many different lev- els, market sectors, and segments that are all starting to take off. We're the beneficiary to a large extent, because these being in most cases electronic products, they've got to be tested in some form or another. On the backend, we're seeing increased demand for inspection and failure analysis services. More stuff breaks with increased volume. at's good for business. ings are not working as reliably as they should, or they're being put under increased strain in the field due to this pent-up demand, and they're not lasting. eir design life is being truncated because they're being run flat out, and so things are being brought to us that don't work. at's what we do. We figure out why they don't work, and hopefully, we can help out our engineering clients that way. Just this morning, a company we previously hadn't done business with emailed me early, wanting to come in this very day to X-ray some valves that had failed in a hydraulic system. ey wanted to isolate the source of the failure and it was a line down situation, so it really was imperative that they did that today. Fortunately, we had a system available to accommodate, and I was on the phone with our operations manager, where he was describ- Catching Up with the Latest at Datest

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