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AUGUST 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 81 ing the 56th AWS Annual Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio, April 21-25. 14. Alireza Eslami Mjad, Nduka Nnamdi Ekere, "Numerical analysis on thermal crack initiation due to non-homogeneous solder coating on the round strip interconnection of photo-voltaic modules," Vol- ume 194, December 2019, pp 649-655. 15. Rendler, L. C., Romer, P., Beinert, A. J., Wal- ter, J., Stecklum, S., Kraft, A., ... and Wiese, S. (2019). "Thermomechanical stress in solar cells: Contact pad modeling and reliability analysis," Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 196, 167-177. 16. Rendler, L. C., Walter, J., Goldenberg, S., Bein- ert, A. J., Wiese, S., and Eitner, U. (2018). "Mechani- cal and electrical properties of wave-shaped wires for low-stress interconnection of solar cells," Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 176, 204-211. 17. Kim, J. H., Son, H. J., and Kim, S. H. (2019). "A Study on the Relationship between Factors Affect- ing Soldering Characteristics and Efficiency of Half- cell Soldering Process with Multi-wires," Current Photovoltaic Research, 7(3), 65-70. 18. Vander Plas, H. A., Cinque, R. B., Mei, Z., and Holder, H. A. (1996). Hewlett Packard Journal, 47, 99-103. 19. Narahari S Pujari, Eric Poh, Siuli Sarkar, Mike Murphy, Carl Bilgrien, "New Challenges for Tabbing and Stringing Liquid Fluxes," Volume 150, Septem- ber 2018, pp 28-35. 20. Yang, H., Wang, H., & Cao, D. (2016). "Investi- gation of soldering for crystalline silicon solar cells," Soldering & Surface Mount Technology. 21. Pecht, M. (Ed.). (1993). Soldering processes and equipment, John Wiley & Sons. 22. A.F. Dethlefsen, M. Volk, K. Ramspeck, C. Buchner, "Reliability Testing of Multi-Busbar Mod- ules," Proceedings of the 29th EUPVSEC, Amster- dam (2014), pp. 3323 – 3326. Narahari Pujari is global technology manager-PV at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions. In this latest title from I-007eBooks, readers will learn how system-level analysis of complex and high-speed electronic designs is critical to solve electromagnetic, electrothermal, and electrome- chanical simulation challenges and to ensure that the system works under wide-ranging operating conditions. According to signal integrity expert Lee Ritchey, founder and president of Speeding Edge and author of Right the First Time: A Practical Hand- book on High-Speed PCB and System Design: "Author Brad Griffin offers readers a very good explanation of system-level analysis of complex and high-speed electronic designs. I highly rec- ommend this book for those who are getting started with the design of PCBs and systems that are used in data centers." Download your free copy today! You can also view other titles in our full library. The System Designer's Guide to… series is specifically dedicated to educating the printed circuit and systems design sectors and serves as a valuable resource for people seeking the most relevant information available. New I-007 eBook Highlights System Analysis

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