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92 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 1 Averatek Pushing Boundaries of Additive and Semi-Additive Processes E At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium show in Atlanta, Andy Shaughnessy met with Tara Dunn, I-Connect007 columnist and VP of market- ing and business development for Averatek. We sat down and Tara gave me an update on Averatek's continuing research into additive and semi-additive technologies. 2 New I-007eBook Highlights System Analysis E In this latest title from I-007eBooks, authored by Cadence, readers will learn how system-level analysis of complex and high-speed electronic designs is critical to solve electromagnetic, elec- trothermal, and electromechanical simulation challenges and to ensure that the system works under wide-ranging operating conditions. 3 Sensible Design: Thermal Management—Good Design Practice for Heat Dissipation E Trial and error is an essential process in the development of new and innovative products; however, excessive testing can be unnecessary and costly. Incorporating thermal management at the preliminary stage of your design process will ultimately lead to more reliable and cost- effective end products. 4 My Life in PCB Design E In a cold (62°F), semi-dark room, there are banks of main- frame computers along one wall; a so light glows upward from the table in the corner. I take my kit—a variety of sizes of black, red, and blue tape, decals, and an X-Acto knife—and set it on the side table. Tara Dunn Cherie Litson

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