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Matties: So, you think the way to solve the com- munication is through the IPC-2581? Davis: I do. It's an open standard that everybody can use because it's not going to be limited to just Cadence's tools. It has to be for everybody because we don't have the tools that run the pick-and-place machines. We don't have the tools that run the fab machines. at's not our world. Our world is getting it right to that door. Matties: Is there anything that we haven't cov- ered today, Patrick, that you feel we need to include in this conversation? Davis: e one thing I'd like to touch on is the checklist. I like checklists. I think designers and fabricators should use checklists. I under- stand that there are huge 400-page checklists, and guess what? If they get that big, they're not real. I'm a pilot, so, I live by my checklist. And one of the things that I do is make my custom checklist from the stuff that I always screw up. When I was at my previous company, we had checklists that were ever-living. "We screwed that one up, and everybody missed it, so add that to the checklist. Make sure that it's not somebody else's name." And it's the custom- ization of the checklist that helps; you're not looking for everything, but you're looking for the things that you miss. It's constantly evolv- ing, and you have that feedback. at's some- thing that will help a lot of people. Matties: is has been great, Patrick. ank you. Davis: ank you all for your time. DESIGN007

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