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SEPTEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 27 ponent is the unified data model, which holds all the data necessary to create a PCB. e first role involved in the PCB design process is the librarian. I have always believed that the librar- ian holds one of the most critical positions and roles. e first rule is to be best friends with your component librarian. A little review is in order when we break down that component. It has two major cat- egories: the information and the models. First, there is the general component information of name, description, the specific component parameters, and sourcing information. On the other side are the component models, consist- ing of schematic symbols, footprint, 3D mod- els, and sometimes (if you can get them) simu- lations or IBIS models. Each of these items in the unified data model plays its part at a spe- cific design process point. Depending on what role you have, it is the particular information of importance to you. For example, the mechanical engineer focuses on the 3D model because he is con- cerned with how the PCB will go together mechanically. When you take a deep dive, break up the component, and tie it to specific roles, you begin to see the importance of pro- viding all the information inside the compo- nent. Furthermore, the stronger the provided information, the better support it gives to a specific role. erefore, it is better to give too much information than not enough. In Table 1, we see the breakdown of the component and how it provides the required information for a specific role. Conclusion ink of the saying, "Many hands make light work." An enormous task is made easier with many working together. In the face of a daunt- ing task, we come together as a team and solve the problem. COVID turned our industry upside-down. But, let's not forget the vital lessons we learned that we are a part of a team. It's not about the individual parts but rather the strength we exude when we join together—with our strengths and our weakness. ere was a motto that we heard repeatedly throughout the pan- demic: "We are all in this together." Let's hope that never changes. DESIGN007 References 1. Proverbs 27:17 John Watson, CID, is a customer success manager at Altium. To read previous columns, or contact Watson, click here. Table 1.

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