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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2021 FEATURE COLUMNS Collaboration by Design by Andy Shaughnessy PCB Design—It's a Team Sport by John Watson The Collaborative PCB Design Process—a Necessity for Efficient Manufacturing by Tim Haag Collaboration to Shorten the Learning Curve by Tara Dunn FEATURE ARTICLES Collaboration: The Key to Streamlining Your Design Process Interview with Patrick Davis The Power of Designer and Manufacturer Collaboration by Ian Huibregtse Collaboration by Design: The Role of EDA Tools by Rich Tighe SEPTEMBER 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS In recent surveys, designers pointed to a lack of collaboration with fabricators as among their biggest ongoing challenges. And some respondents noted that when they did work with their fabricators, it was late in the design cycle, usually fixing simple design errors that could have been avoided by communicating with the CAM engineer earlier in the process. Does that sound like your design team's relationship with your fabricator? Collaboration by Design 10 24 50 62 12 28 44 12 50

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