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32 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2021 Power distribution network (PDN) planning is a relatively new technology that has become an essential, interrelated component of signal integrity analysis. However, mainstream PCB developers have yet to adopt PDN analysis as a common design process. But, now that the technology is proven and the uptake costs have decreased dramatically, there is no reason why all designers should not take advantage of the technology to improve the reliability and per- formance of their products. In this month's column, I will delve into the latest PDN trends and challenges. To day 's high-p er f or mance pro ce s s or s employ low DC voltages with high transient currents and high clock frequencies to mini- mize the power consumption and hence the amount of heat dissipated. Unfortunately, the lower core voltages, higher currents and faster edge rates all impact the PDN design as well as signal integrity. e goal of robust PDN plan- ning is to design a stable power source, tak- PDN Trends and Challenges Beyond Design by Barry Olney, IN-CIRCUIT DESIGN PTY LTD / AUSTRALIA Figure 1: AC impedance profile of a DDR3 supply. (Source: iCD PDN Planner)

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