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SEPTEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 79 combination of tools to improve the yield, cost, and reliability for flexible circuit designs. Valor NPI is such a solution that brings the manufacturing knowledge into the applica- tion to provide the expertise to run DFM on PCB designs. Flex circuitry is more difficult to manufacture than rigid PCBs, and the best way to ensure that designs are manufacturable is to run DFM checks throughout the layout process as well as running DFM on the manu- facturing release process. Applying DFM to flex and rigid-flex designs results in more time spent designing and less time fixing. Identifying and rectifying issues early on can save time, money and, best of all, redesigns because of manufactur- ing issues. FLEX007 Patrick McGoff is market development manager for the Valor Division of Siemens Digital Industries Software. Figure 7: With the ODB++ Manufacturing Product Model, all neccessary instructions and data models are sent in one intelligent package.

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