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SEPTEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 89 Various sciences, including phys- ics, mathematics, and chemistry, are significantly involved through- out the PCB design process, rules that can sometimes be bent but not broken. However, the rules that designers break and ignore altogether and very often are the design rules. AltiumLive, Altium's annual printed circuit board (PCB) conference for the electronics design community, is co-locating with the IPC APEX EXPO, the premier event for the electronics manufacturing industry being held at the San Diego Convention Center January 22-27, 2022. System designers for 5G, automotive, high-performance computing (HPC), IoT, and other advanced applications have been facing growing challenges in EM interference and thermal issues. These are prevalent in all electronic devices. Data centers play a key role in this high-performance computing (HPC) era, and EMI/thermal issues have a huge impact on the performance of data centers. This book explains scenarios and issues based on the context of data center electronic systems. The I-Connect007 editorial team spoke with Whizz Systems in the months prior to COVID. As we come out of lockdown, we decided to check in with them again. In this part of the interview, Muhammad Irfan and Dan Williams discuss Whizz Systems' unique methods for navigat- ing the many handoffs involved in the design and manufacturing process. They also share their thoughts on the trends they've seen as a CM working out of Silicon Valley. When a PCB designer under- stands the different aspects of PCB technology, they will certainly be able to deliver circuit designs that will be more robust and have better manufacturing yields. The high-volume manufacturing yields of a PCB are directly related to profit, and that is the connection between good circuit design and a successful circuit-product. For the latest news and information, visit Connect the Dots: The Split Planes Challenge Losing track of voltage in your PCB design can lead to explo- sive problems. Your CAM tool will not manage split planes for you. Altium, IPC to Co-Locate AltiumLive and IPC APEX EXPO Elementary, Mr. Watson: Epic Fails with Design Rules Lightning Speed Laminates: The Benefits of Understanding Engineering Disciplines for PCB Design Whizz Systems: The Silicon Valley CM Excerpt: The System Designer's Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 1

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