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30 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2021 6. From this analysis, organizations will be able to identify a set of assets for sale. Using our consignment service and experience with pre-owned equipment sales, companies can offload these assets in the market to generate cash for future equipment investment. 7. From this point forward, testing organiza- tions will leverage a full suite of asset optimization tools to further reduce the asset base, avoid unnecessary purchases, improve asset sharing across labs, and fine tune calibration and repair activities. Based on experience with clients in the aero- space, semiconductor, electronics, and field service industries, Electro Rent has identified three critical success factors to achieve asset optimization benefits in the shortest time. First, a clearly articulated vision is required. It should communicate the potential benefits of the asset optimization solution and how that solution can change asset utilization in the or- ganization. Second, strong executive sponsor- ship is required. Because asset optimization builds a new capability inside the organization, it requires changes in processes, system, and metrics. As change is not easy, a strong spon- sor who can act as a change agent can help ac- celerate the process. Lastly, IT support is critical. From the first download of existing asset data to possible integration with the existing ERP system, strong collaboration with the IT group is cru- cial for timely rollout of the asset optimization solution. SMT007 Reference 1. "Asset Management and Integrated Service De- livery: Expansion of Traditional Business Models in the T&M Market," Frost & Sullivan. Dirk De Waart is the chief operating officer at Electro Rent. Schlumberger New Energy announced an invest- ment and collaboration agreement to deploy EnerV- enue's uniquely differentiated nickel-hydrogen bat- tery technology, which is a key enabler of stationary energy storage solutions. Schlumberger New Ener- gy and EnerVenue will work together to progress large-scale deployment of nickel-hydrogen battery technology across selected global markets. Energy storage solutions are critical to the evo- lution of the energy mix as the energy transition demands greater contribution from renewable sources. The fo- cus on expanding electrification is accelerating the need for large scale deployment of safe, cost ef- fective, sustainable, and reliable stationary energy storage solu- tions. There is a rapidly growing market for such solutions across utility-scale grid storage, off-grid commercial and industrial storage, and residential sectors. "At Schlumberger, we're eager to leverage our technology expertise and global footprint in intro- ducing EnerVenue's technology to this important emerging market," said Ashok Belani, executive vice president, Schlumberger New Energy. "We are excited about the potential this technology holds for the energy transition." "Schlumberger New Energy will emerge as one of the long-term energy transi- tion infrastructure leaders," said Jorg Heinemann, CEO, EnerV- enue. "We look forward to sup- porting Schlumberger's new en- ergy vision, and to working with the company to bring our bat- tery technology to organizations across the world." (Source: Business Wire) Schlumberger New Energy Enters into Agreement with EnerVenue for Metal-Hydrogen Stationary Energy Storage Solutions

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