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OCTOBER 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 45 the aforementioned contingency). A month- ly communication to all stakeholders, specif- ically those on the CapEx approval routing, keeps the enterprise apprised on the progress and performance to the overall cost and time- line. Since CapEx adds to the book value and the long-term financial health of the company, the project needs to be fully transparent and open to scrutiny/review. Much of this sounds like traditional project management. Should a company bring in a project manager for capital expenditure execution? Friberg: If a company has a program manage- ment team, using that team would be a possi- ble solution. However, the CapEx process is typically initiated and managed by the depart- ment seeking the investment and goes through approval paths involving senior leadership. is is because, within the business unit P&L, the depreciation cost would validate the ROI as part of the standard EBITDA metric. If you have an interest in having your process devel- oped/assessed/refined, a consulting firm may be a good starting point. SMT007 Fane Friberg is client director at BDS Supply Chain. Berkshire Grey Inc, a developer of AI-enabled robotic solutions that automate supply chain pro- cesses, announced global availability of its Robotic Pick and Pack solutions. Berkshire Grey RPP solu- tions automate picking and packing of items direct- ly from inventory totes to outbound customer ship- ping packages. This solution improves operation- al efficiency for fulfillment centers, reduces ship- ping costs and lowers the environmental impact of eCommerce orders. Berkshire Grey's RPP solution is now in deploy- ment—including at Soft- Bank Logistics' flagship ful- fillment center in Ichikawa, Japan—and is now avail- able to customers across the globe needing to im- prove throughput at their eCommerce fulfillment op- erations while facing un- precedented labor short- ages. The Berkshire Grey RPP solution is engineered to integrate with eCom- merce operations com- monly run by retailers, third party logistics (3PL) provid- ers and pure-play eCom- merce brands. Berkshire Grey's RPP system was designed and built to optimize SKU processing, improve pick- ing and packing efficiency, and speed operational throughput. It autonomously picks and packs con- sumer orders while ensuring items remain in pris- tine condition—satisfying customers, minimizing re- turns and reducing damage costs. (Source: Globe Newswire) Berkshire Grey Announces Global Availability of Robotic Pick and Pack Solutions

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