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OCTOBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 101 in terms of applications and benefits, and I am excited to have the opportunity to dig into these questions in upcoming columns. What questions do you have regarding addi- tive electronics? Contact me with those ques- tions and I will add them to my growing list of topics to explore. DESIGN007 Tara Dunn is the vice president of marketing and business development for Averatek. To read past columns or contact Dunn, click here. • What thickness of copper can be achieved with semi-additive PCB processes? • What is the impact on impedance? • What is the impact on insertion loss and crosstalk? • Which EDA tools support this? • What are the impacts to assembly? As the title of this column suggests, are you also curious about the PCB design benefits and impacts associated with these new technology advancements? It is an exciting time as we all come together to better understand how to best apply this technology. I personally believe that we are just starting to scratch the surface student in order to write simulations." Nonetheless, in my sophomore year they had us writing complete digital twin simulations to add to the library of the system we called DISCOSA. The HP people were flabbergasted. One of the reasons they were inter- viewing me was because I had so much computer experience, which they said only graduate students and PhD students had. Johnson: What other events precipitated this book? Holden: The next big event was in 1974 with the success of the HP35 calculator. We had geared up to produce 300 or 400 a month. Instead, the orders were coming in at 3,000 an hour. We were totally unprepared for the fact that everybody in the world wanted one, as marketing had told us that at $400 each, we would only sell 300 to 400 each month. To read the full interview with Happy Holden regarding 24 Essential Skills for Engineers, sponsored by Calumet Electron- ics Corp., click here. The book is available at no charge for a limited time. To download the book, click here. Interview by Nolan Johnson In this interview with I-Connect007's own Happy Holden about his newest book, 24 Essential Skills for Engineers, which he wrote over the span of his career, he highlights some particular moments from his time working at HP and as CTO of Foxconn which inspired many of the book's chapters. Nolan Johnson: Happy how did you come to be inspired to write this book? Happy Holden: There were six major events t h a t s e t u p t h e b o o k . Although the book initially w a s w r i t t e n i n 2 0 1 1 a n d 2012, it was an accumulation of over 30 years of working and writing. The first event was in 1966 a t O r e g o n St a t e U n i v e r - sity. Even as sophomores in chemical engineering, they had us writing simulations on the unit operation equipment, which, when I was interview- ing with HP, they were sur- prised and said, "What? Only graduate students do that." I said, "Well, they forgot to tell us that you had to be a graduate 24 Essential Skills for Engineers: The Story Behind the Book

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