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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2021 SHORTS Emergent Magnetic Monopoles Isolated Using Quantum-Annealing Computer Hire or Be Hired at jobConnect007 New Tech Prevents Li-Ion Battery Fires Elementary, Mr. Watson: The Danger of Rogue Libraries All Systems Go!: Comprehensive Thermal Analysis of a System Design Excerpt: The System Designer's Guide to... System Analysis, Chapter 3 24 Essential Skills for Engineers: The Story Behind the Book HIGHLIGHTS PCB007 MilAero007 Top Ten Editor's Picks DEPARTMENTS Career Opportunities Educational Resource Center Advertiser Index & Masthead ARTICLE DFM 101: PCB Via Structures by Anaya Vardya COLUMNS Data Formats: Designers Like What They Like by Andy Shaughnessy The Impact of No-Clean Flux Residue on Signal Integrity by Barry Olney Overview of Test Methods to Determine Material Dk and Df by John Coonrod Fake Fudged Facts—Using Software Tools to Get the Right High-speed Answer by Martyn Gaudion Are Encapsulation Resins Suitable for EV Applications? by Beth Turner Electronics Data Format Collaboration—Help Wanted by Kelly Dack It's Happening Everywhere—Be Ready by AJ Incorvaia Additive Electronics— Are You One of the Curious? by Tara Dunn 21 53 62 67 83 87 101 58 96 118 121 136 137 102 10 54 72 80 84 88 92 98 OCTOBER 2021 • ADDITIONAL CONTENTS 102

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