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OCTOBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 53 Even one misstep in this category can create problems down the road. ough the list may seem long, the potential return on investment of a few minutes can be significant. Check Solder Mask Layers When you are double-checking each board layer, pay careful attention to solder mask lay- ers. Oversights here not only can cause delays but result in boards that do not function prop- erly or at all. • Do all pins have mask openings? • Vias under components should not have mask openings. Do they? • Are solder mask openings slightly larger— at least 0.004"—than component pads? • Are plated through-hole pads 0.015" larger than drill and therefore large enough to avoid breakout? Leave Plenty of Breadcrumbs for Your Fabricator Fabricator notes can make the difference between a quick turn and a protracted delay. If file names are just a jumble of numbers or it is unclear about what services are required, the notes are where we can go for guidance. • Will the fab notes conflict with your order form? • Do notes call for unnecessary services? • Do you reference documents that the fabricator does not have access to? • Does the design service you selected include a technician checking your notes? Not all quick turn prototyping services offer human intervention. So, if you chose to con- vert to Gerber, please invest a few minutes in your design and check your files before you engage your manufacturing partner. DESIGN007 Matt Stevenson is the VP of sales and marketing at Sunstone Circuits. To read past columns or contact Stevenson, click here. Looking to make a job change, earn more money, relocate? JobConnect007 is a fast-growing resource for industry profes- sionals seeking new opportunities. Companies with names you will recognize are looking for you! Upload your resume directly from the "Apply Now" button in the job listing. Looking for talent? I-Connect007's jobConnect007 is a great place to list available positions for industry-experienced talent in your organization. Downloaded by hundreds of industry professionals every month, the jobConnect007 Career Guide contains all our cur- rent listings, conveniently in one spot, for handy reference and sharing. Download your copy today. The October 2021 issue of jobConnect007 is now available for download. Hire or Be Hired at jobConnect007

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