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92 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2021 As I speak to customers around the world, I keep hearing the same question: "How can your company help us achieve our digital transfor- mation goals?" I'm surprised how frequently this question is asked, especially by many of my customers who are preparing by appoint- ing executives to lead entire digital transfor- mation teams. In fact, these efforts oen reach beyond the domain of IT and into the heart of business strategies that include end-consumer use-models, supply chains, design, manufac- turing, and field maintenance. Analyst firm IDC projects 1 that by 2022, nearly $2 trillion will be spent on solutions and services to fuel digital transformation. Before we go any further, it probably makes sense to define "digital transformation." According to Deloitte, "digital transforma- tion is about becoming a digital enterprise—an organization that uses technology to continu- ously evolve all aspects of its business models (what it offers, how it interacts with custom- ers, and how it operates)." A great example of a customer who is driv- ing digital transformation into every aspect of its business is Polar, a leader in wearable train- ing solutions for elite athletes. Polar's goal is to integrate every aspect of design, mechanical, electronics and materials with user diagnos- tics in an effort to not just drive better product design, but to be more responsive to market needs in general. Today, according to Lifecycle Insights 2 , a full 58% of all development projects either incur additional costs or fail to meet their delivery commitments. is amounts to enor- mous opportunity loss due to missed market windows. e reason? Insufficient readiness due to increasing product complexity, orga- nizational complexity, and process complex- It's Happening Everywhere— Be Ready Digital Transformation by AJ Incorvaia, SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE

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