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OCTOBER 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 27 Moving these to 3D struc- tures in low- to mid-volume is going to be a huge market. at's why we've moved our pre-engineering discus- sions to products that are one year out or more. is was unheard of, with small OEM exceptions, just five years ago. It matches the next-generation chips with PCB ecosystems. Johnson: What leaps out of this conversation is that there's technology that you need to choose to invest in, to move forward… or choose not to. at's the decision point that a lot of printed circuit board fabricators are going to find themselves in. It's going to be either pick a path, invest, and develop a specialty, or just be a generalist. Dickson: Yes. And to Happy's point, if you don't have a disruptive technology that is going to make something uniquely different for organic interconnects, you probably will not sur- vive, because this next generation is marrying micro-technology that's been in a phone for years. If you don't have a market to drive that to and you can't supply a disruptive and cost- effective high technology alternative, you're just going to be one of many. And volume will always win out. Johnson: ank you for this, Joe. We really appreciate it. Dickson: Happy to help. ank you. PCB007

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