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OCTOBER 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 81 References 1. "Finstrate: A New Concept in IC Substrates," Steve Leishman, IPC Seminar on Competitive Electronics Packaging, October 1983, Washington, D.C. 2. "Vertical Conductive Structures—a New Dimen- sion in High-Density Printed Circuit Interconnect," Pete Starkey, The PCB Magazine, February 2017, pp. 16-20. 3. "Vertical Conductive Structures, Part 1: Rethink- ing Sequential Lamination," Joan Tourné, PCB007 Magazine, April 2019, pp. 88-93. 4. "Vertical Conductive Structures, Part 2: VeCS and Micro-machining," Joan Tourné, PCB007 Maga- zine, June 2019, pp. 72-78. 5. "Vertical Conductive Structures, Part 3: Design Tool Techniques," Joan Tourné, PCB007 Magazine, August 2019, pp. 90–99. 6. "Vertical Conductive Structures, Part 4: Tuning Your Signal Performance," Joan Tourné, PCB007 Magazine, October 2019, pp. 68–76. 7. Vertical Conductive Structures, Joan Tourné, EIPC Winter Conference 2020 presentation. 8. "The Impact and Benefits of VeCS Technology," an interview with Joan Tourné and Joe Dickson, PCB007 Magazine, November 2020, pp. 30-43. 9. VeCS-New High-Density Interconnects, Joe Dickson, Linkedin, November 2020. Happy Holden is an I-Connect007 technical editor, and the author of 24 Essential Skills for Engineers. To read past columns, or contact Holden, click here. Figure 10: Routing of a very-fine pitch BGA using HDI, and VeCS-2 buried slots with close-up of quarter-pattern. (Source: NextGIn Technologies) From Happy Holden: 24 Essential Skills for Engineers This book is a blueprint of the strategies that Happy has used for decades to over- come engineering challenges. Each chapter is devoted to a skill that engineers do not typically learn in college, such as problem solving, design of experiments, prod- uct and process life cycles, Lean manufacturing, and predictive engineering. You won't find all this information in one publication anywhere else. Happy has done all the hard work for you. Get your copy now!

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