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NOVEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 11 how the reuse of critical IP is a large part of a design team's data management strategy, and why design teams need to overcome their aver- sion to using circuits "not invented here." And columnist Patrick Crawford shares a variety of reasons why data transfer standards can sim- plify your certification compliance process, as well as streamline your company's data man- agement framework. We also have columns by our regular con- tributors Barry Olney, Kelly Dack, Matt Ste- venson, and Joe Fjelstad, who is celebrating 50 years in the industry this year. We have an interview with Will Webb of ASTER Technol- ogies, and Pete Starkey's interview with John Bushie and Anaya Vardya of American Stan- dard Circuits, who discuss the challenges of designing and fabricating RF and microwave PCBs. And Jamin Taylor discusses All Flex's move into medical applications. It's hard to believe that IPC APEX EXPO and the co-located AltiumLive show are less than three months away. Are you going to San Diego? If you're not, don't worry—we'll bring you complete coverage of these peren- nial events. See you next month! DESIGN007 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 20 years. He can be reached by clicking here. dling one type of design data, such as fab notes, datasheets, or footprints. But this month, we wanted to step back and look at data manage- ment in general, from a more macro level than we have in previous issues. What data man- agement truths are self-evident, to paraphrase our Founding Fathers? Who owns the data in the first place? What are the best methods for ensuring traceability throughout the design process? Should you trust data that originates outside your company? ese are just a few of the questions we asked this month's contributors to address. We start off with a conversation with Dugan Karnazes and Patryk Akhurst of Bissell, and John Watson of Altium. ey discuss the need to customize your data management process to fit your com- pany, and why that process must be constantly improved to remain effective. Tamara Jova- novic of Happiest Baby explains how a solid data process keeps her team running smoothly, and she shares a few horror stories about designs that went off the rails due to a lack of documentation. And columnist Dana Korf explains why data management is so essential, and which stakeholders own which data. Next, columnist Tim Haag reveals some of his secrets to tracking revision history, figur- ing out who owns what data, and a variety of methods for avoiding data hoarding. David Gronner of PCB Technologies discusses why accurate data is the key to an accurate quot- ing process. Columnist Dave Wiens explains

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