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NOVEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 55 People coming up have to know and that's part of the responsi- bility of the industry itself too. It's educating the next group. Matties: at leads me to our final area of conversation in this interview, which is tribal knowl- edge. You have 45 years of expe- rience. At some point, you'll retire, and when you retire that knowledge retires as well. How important is tribal knowledge? How do we capture it? How do we move it forward? O'Neil: It's very important, but I believe if you're passing it down to your ops manager and being inclusive in your group, listening to what other people say and answer questions like we're doing right here, it's get- ting some knowledge out there. But be inclusive of your staff and document that into your process. We tried a little bit of this. Create a library in your own shop showing when things went bad, when things went well, and what you did along the way. Resources are hard to get that done, but I think if you include your whole team into your dis- cussions, and that means people off the floor too, it moves there. When I got out of the Navy, I didn't know anything about circuit boards. Someone said, "Come up here and put in your application; aer 20 years, you'll have a good education." Here's an example. Once, the company I was working for brought in an EE and they sat us together in the same office. He gave me an education and I gave him an education and it worked really well. So, the office bullpen type of things are wonderful, if you have that. We have an inside sales department. Does it bother you that everybody's talking? No, because I'm picking up stuff as I'm going along and putting it in my library up here. It's important that you share, it really is. Matties: I agree. e tricky part is capturing it, as you said, getting a library. But one thing you said is you're documenting it into your process and if you can get it inherently into a process, then it's being passed on formally. Kim, I certainly appreciate your time today. is has been a fun conversation. ank you so much. O'Neil: Oh, thank you very much. DESIGN007

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