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56 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Feature Article by David Gronner PCB TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Data is omnipresent. At times it goes unno- ticed, just waiting there for someone to col- lect, analyze, and make use of it to create value. Data that seemed irrelevant at the time might come in handy when you need to come up with a solution to a new challenge. When, for instance, you need a reliable quote that can accurately predict a product's price, you need to base it on past actual operation machine time, raw materials cost, etc. Oth- erwise, guessing a new product's price might result in unexpected spending, especially when it concerns sophisticated systems. Each quote relies on utilizing data. e ques- tion that remains to be answered is how you do it and how fast. A data management strat- egy is an essential tool for turning a company's data assets into useful information supporting its strategic roadmap. While determining this strategy, each company must address pro- cesses aimed at storing, categorizing, control- ling, and standardizing data. e best data management practice revolves around the ability to make the necessary inter- faces between various data sources flow across the company's relevant departments. When it comes to decision-making regarding financial investments concerned with the production of new systems and products, data management becomes even more crucial. To make these decisions that ultimately affect your business performance, you need to have a strong infor- mation base, constantly analyze it, and make sure it is deployed across the board in your IT infrastructure. Every new product and new project needs to start with a solid plan comprised of various topics, such as manufacturability, reliabil- ity, and quality. One of the most important ones is cost. Its level of importance matches its level of complexity, since it relies on the direct or indirect outcome of all the other topics. If you chose the wrong material, failed to come up with the optimal block diagram, designed your product relying on certain com- ponents without considering their MOQ, or Solid Data Management Key to Accurate Quotes

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