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62 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Last month's column identified the signifi- cant challenges today's electronic systems engi- neering teams face, and how a digital transfor- mation of the entire design and manufacturing flow promises to resolve them by confronting product, process, and organizational complex- ities. One of the areas where we see opportuni- ties for improvement is in the reuse of critical IP as part of a team's data management strat- egy: whereas the data is already digital, it's not always leveraged efficiently from one design to the next. IP reuse isn't new; it's been used extensively in soware and IC design. It's estimated that 68% of an IC design is built on data reused from in-house or third-party IP. In both cases, reuse was instituted to support concurrency, reduce cost, improve quality and reliability, and help manage complex IC designs and soware proj- ects. e complexity of electronic systems is driving PCB design toward this same hierar- chical "building block" approach. Many new products are variations of existing products, so it only makes sense to reuse data from those previous products whenever possi- ble. Leveraging "known good" verified circuits in new PCB designs accelerates new product development and eliminates repeated creation of the same circuitry. For example, once a power supply circuit is built and verified, why recreate it for every design that has the same power supply requirement? Reuse also facilitates component consolida- tion and ensures continuous circuit improve- ment as qualified data from the consumers of the reuse blocks are incorporated into the source circuit blocks. Finally, for designs con- taining sensitive or restricted components or IP Reuse Enables a Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Feature Column by David Wiens, SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE

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