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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Introduction is month, I share some special news and changes regarding the PCEA. Next, I will hum- bly and gracefully hand this column back to its original founder, PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez, who will expound on some very excit- ing announcements which were made in early October at PCB West in Santa Clara, California. As always, we'll provide our readers with a list of events to finish out 2021 and take us into 2022. PCEA Updates Who other than a dynamic organization like the PCEA could decide they want to establish a trade show foot- print one month and then muster the creative talents of their executive staff to design a trade show booth to exhibit at DesignCon the next? Oh, and then exhibit at another major trade show such as PCB West 2021 only a short time later? I'll tell you, the PCEA has a momentum in this industry the likes of which we have not seen. I do not use the word momentum lightly. Because, like the shiny, spherical bob of a pendulum in a Newto- nian mechanics experiment, the leadership of this organization seems to be able to swoop down from their rightward (positive) displacement, pass their zero-posi- tion goal of achieved success, and still have enough momentum to reach their leward dis- placement where they tend to set yet another, even loier goal. e harmonic motion repeats but—unlike a pendulum—appears to gain energy rather than lose it to physical pseudo- forces. I'm usually bad at metaphors though I've (ab)used a few in this column from time to A Grand Announcement The Digital Layout by Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+, PCEA

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