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68 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 time. As a graphics-minded career professional in an industry which still relies on "artwork" to create PCB hardware, it is sometimes difficult for me to describe things without using this metaphor shtick to make a point. But here I am, exceeding the physical confines of my pen- dulum metaphor. is metaphor is inaccurate because unlike a pendulum—which will even- tually lose its kinetic energy and stop—the PCEA is growing and gaining energy. By now, you might have heard PCEA has signed a let- ter of intent to purchase certain assets of UP Media Group. Talk about momentum. Wow! Does this mean that this organization went from an idea hatched between a group of PCB industry friends and colleagues at a trade show to buy- ing a trade show booth, attending two trade shows, and then entering a deal to purchase a major trade show all in the span of less than two years? Even Star Trek's admirable chief engineer and miracle worker, Montgomery Scott "Scotty," would be amazed at our PCEA leadership's ability to seemingly "defy the laws of physics." I'd better turn it over now to Chair- man Steph to fill you in. Message from the Chairman by Stephen Chavez, MIT, CID+ I want to personally thank Kelly for his unique flair in capturing the positive PCEA emotions we've built over these past two years and putting them into colorful words for the success of this column. I also want to thank him for his professionalism and tireless efforts in taking this column to the heights where it is today. Outstanding job, Kelly! Here is the big news of the day: PCEA is acquiring the assets of UP Media Group, includ- ing its publication. Words don't adequately express how excited we are at this prospect. Let me briefly explain what this means. e PCEA board of directors consists of 12 industry engineers. Just like you, we spend our days designing and building printed circuits. Our roles in the association are voluntary; we do this out of a passion for helping our col- leagues by means of collaboration, education, and inspiration (the core mission of PCEA). e acquisition of these assets, which also includes the PCB West and PCB East trade shows, among other properties, brings with it the first full-time staff for PCEA. e board Stephen Chavez Figure 1: PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez, Chairman Emeritus Gary Ferrari, and Vice Chairman/Treasurer Mike Creeden. Figure 2: PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez, Chairman Emeritus Gary Ferrari, Vice Chairman/Treasurer Mike Creeden, and Portland, Oregon Chapter Leader Zachariah Peterson.

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