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NOVEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 69 can henceforth focus on its traditional roles as directors, including reviewing the strategic and operational issues we need to address, and set- ting the goals for the organization. e board, in short, will set the strategic plan. e staff, for its part, will be responsible for the opera- tions and executing of that plan. is puts each of the respective board mem- bers and the PCEA staff in roles where we can individually (and as a unit) reach optimal effectiveness. We expect to form a nominating committee for future board members, so if you are inter- ested, please drop me a line. I will have much more to say on this as we go forward, complete the transaction, and work toward fleshing out the strategic plan. Until then, feel free to reach out to me any time. As always, if you have anything to do with printed circuit engineering, I highly recom- mend you get involved with and join the PCEA collective, if you have not already. By joining, your percentage of long-term professional development increases significantly. Refer to our column and the PCEA web- site to stay up to date with the up-and-coming industry events. Take advantage of free webi- nar opportunities and consider joining us. Visit for details. I wish everyone's families health and safety. Best of success to all as 2021 wraps up. Warmest regards, —Steph Next Month As I mentioned, Steph Chavez will be taking over the column each month. We can look for- ward to the entire column being an inspiring, direct information feed regarding the plans and activities of the PCEA. If you've noticed, Steph oen makes a point in his writing to "highly recommend" participating in all things PCEA. I'd like to borrow his gesture here and highly recommend that you tune into this col- umn to keep up with how the PCEA is con- tinuing its momentum to collaborate, educate, and inspire us all in this organization and this industry. Upcoming Events Hope to see you at any or all of these. PCB Carolina 2021 Nov. 10, 2021 Raleigh, North Carolina productronica Nov. 16–19, 2021 Munich, Germany Figure 3: A group of excited show-goers awaiting the exciting announcement.

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