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94 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 All Flex Discusses Merger and New Medical Applications Flex007 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 I recently spoke with Jamin Taylor, the vice president of sales and marketing at All Flex Flexible Circuits in Minnesota. We discussed the company's recent merger with Printed Cir- cuits Inc., and some creative new flex applica- tions, including flexible heaters and catheters for the medical field. N o l a n J o h n s o n : There's been some new s recently for All Flex. Why don't we start with the announcement of the merger? Jamin Taylor: About nine months ago, our par- ent company purchased Printed Circuits Inc., out of Bloomington, Minnesota, with plans for merging the two companies. We're in the plan- ning process right now with PCI to create a single entity and look at rebranding. e two companies have really expanded our technolo- gies, with All Flex and our flexible circuits, and PCI and their rigid-flex capability. Now we can expand our product offering to our customer base in the U.S. Johnson: Were there any pleasant surprises in capabilities now that you've got the two com- panies together? Taylor: It's always interesting to see different technologies amongst different companies. We're working on a few new applications and products, like being able to do some fine lines and flex materials, but with large format, a lon- ger format than usual. Some of their capabili- ties with lasering and fine features really help with our long flex capability; when we merge the two, we see a new market being created for that technology. Johnson: I understand you're now developing fine-line catheters. Tell me about that. Taylor: Fine line means small features, 2-mil lines and spaces; that's not new to the industry, but being able to do it in five-, six-, and seven- Jamin Taylor

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