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98 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 There are some very simple steps to developing and sustaining a good partnership with your PCB vendor/ partners, all based on treating your partners as you want to be treated. It's following the Golden Rule. But before you do that, you must get rid of that other golden rule, "He who has the gold makes the rules." I have been work- ing with NCAB Group for three years now. When I began, I had no experience with PCBs and since have learned so much working with our customers' PCB designs. I would like to share the fundamentals and design features of my favorite type of PCB, high-density interconnect (HDI). For those of you following my column or who have attended one of my sessions on flex and rigid-flex, you know that the number one message I try to drive home is to work with your fabricator early in the design process, especially when you are new to designing with flexible materials. I can tell countless stories about flexible circuit missteps. TOP TEN Standard of Excellence: Great Things Accomplished With Partnerships Fresh PCB Concepts: HDI PCBs for New Kids in the Industry The Digital Layout: Interaction— The Cure for Industry Contraction In this month's column, I share reports from our PCEA leadership on a flurry of activity over the past month. Next, I highlight some inspiring words which our Chairman Steph Chavez recently delivered to our executive staff. Again, I am happy to provide our readers with a list of events coming up in 2022. Nicholas Marks EDITOR'S PICKS PCB Talk: Collaboration to Shorten the Learning Curve

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