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26 PCB007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 several hundreds, but it's already going in this direction. You see how long it will take sometimes, depending on the density and the size, to set up a fixture. is means the set-up fixture, if it's a double density fixture, and you want to test the BGA on the board. You have a big pin tilt, and sometimes it takes hours to get the reliable fix- tures. You don't need this with the flying probe machine. In that case, to do every parameter in consideration, when you have quantities up to 1,000 to 5,000 you should think about the fly- ing probe machines. With package boards or HDI mobile phone boards, if you reach quanti- ties of 100,000 or more, then you still need the fixtures. But today's flying probe using stan- dard measurement parameters, 1,000 boards or even more, is not a problem from an eco- nomic point of view. Starkey: Peter, we're approaching productron- ica. Provided the authorities don't impose any travel restrictions, I plan to attend. What can I expect to see at the atg booth? Brandt: At the atg booth this year you will see two machines. You will see a standard A7 machine which has been in our portfolio for seven to eight years. is is our standard man- ual machine, and the first time in the world where we will exhibit our new automation, so you will see the A9 with the automation func- tion inside. It's our latest technology. It's a machine where you can load manually produc- tion panels up to 21 x 24 inches. In parallel, you have an automation unit handling with a dou- ble shuttle. is means your product change time is nearly zero seconds, and with this auto- mation you can handle product sizes of 480 x 420 millimeters. We also have another manual A9 machine at atg Italy, our distributor there. Last but not least, we have a new A5 machine in the booth from our distributor Adeon. Hopefully this year we'll have four test systems at the produc- tronica show. Starkey: ank you, Peter. PCB007 I-Connect007 is pleased to announce Real Time with... American Standard Circuits, the first-of-its- kind event featuring three in-depth discussions and a virtual tour of American Standard Circuits' fac- tory. Inspired by their three wildly successful books in I-Connect007's The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… series (Flex and Rigid- Flex Fundamentals, Fundamen- tals of RF/Microwave PCBs and Thermal Management: A Fabrica- tor's Perspective), this project is a comprehensive knowledge base for the reader interested in learn- ing about high-tech circuit board manufacturing. These discussions augment the book series, offering a deeper dive into the respective technology segments. Each of the three stand-alone, educational discus- sions runs approximately 20 minutes. ASC experts Anaya Vardya, David Lackey, and John Bushie deliver a detailed and education-based approach to the chosen topics. "American Standard Circuits is furthering the indus- try conversation on their areas of expertise," said I-Connect007 Man- aging Editor Nolan Johnson. "In addition to the recorded discus- sions, video, and photo tours, read- ers will find links to past and cur- rent columns, interviews, and arti- cles. This comprehensive body of work, easy to access in one place, is extremely useful." Please visit Real Time with... ASC to start your tour today! I-Connect007 Launches Real Time with... American Standard Circuits Event

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