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DECEMBER 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 117 Bert Horner of The Test Connection, Inc., a test engineering service provider, shares his insights on the trends and challenges for test and inspection. In this discussion centered around common chal- lenges in the industry and the importance of setting up your test and inspection strategy, Bert states, "The biggest chal- lenge is giving access to the key points and understanding a test strategy prior to the assembly being built." While smart devices like sleep trackers that mon- itor the quality of our ZZs are exciting to some, for others it in- duces the fear of be- coming subject to robot overlords. Regardless, the age of IoT is upon us, and as manufac- turers, IoT is just one facet of the broader Industry 4.0. Koh Young Technolo- gy, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement- based inspection solu- tions, announces its exec- utive committee has ap- pointed Joel Scutchfield as general manager and head of SMT sales at Koh Young America. Nolan talks to Dan Hart, application development man- ager, about the paper his team presented at SMTAI, the work that went into the research, and why his team took on this research. Managing Editor Andy Shaughnessy recently spoke with Leo Lambert, vice president of technology for EPTAC, about some research the company is doing into low-melt alloys. They also discussed EPTAC's continuous growth, as well as some of the lessons learned during the pandemic and their plans moving forward. For the latest news and information, visit SMT Solver: Flux and Cleaning— How Clean Is Clean? Part 2 The selection of flux and cleaning process deter- mines, to a large extent, the manufacturing yield and product reliability of elec- tronic assemblies. In this column, columnist Ray Prasad discusses cleanliness requirements to know whether the boards have been cleaned enough to meet their functional requirements for their intended applications. Bill Cardoso Joel Scutchfield EPTAC Studying Low-Melt Alloys as In-Person Classes Resume Real Time With... SMTAI Interview: Dan Hart of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Koh Young America Promotes Joel Scutchfield to General Manager X-Rayted Files: Was CS Model 101 Built on Industry 4.0? Test Strategies and Pain Points

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