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DECEMBER 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 23 ment manager to go through and make you 10% more efficient, you just made a million dollars. Matties: It's not just that the mil- lion dollars on the bottom line, it's the added capacity and op- portunity that comes with that. Mitchell: You also get employee benefits because they're happier doing things in a smarter way. Matties: I referenced an interview I did with a company in Europe. Ventec hired a guy from the newspaper business who didn't know any- thing about laminates, but he was a logistics ex- pert. And as you can read in the interview, the company was thinking, "We need to get anoth- er building. We're running out of space." He came in, looked at the logistics, reorganized the factory. Not only did they not need addi- tional space, but they had extra space already within their existing walls. Mitchell: at's our industry's example of the famous hospital Ferrari example. You're famil- iar with this story? Matties: No. Mitchell: ere's a hospital in Europe where their emergency room process was losing pa- tients. People were literally dying because it was just a very complex process going through the ER. e Ferrari race team came in and re- optimized how they did things. ese were the guys that can do a pit stop in 4.3 seconds: they change all four tires, refuel, etc. So, the same team walked in, worked with the hospital, and understood what they needed to do. ey re- designed the thing. ey didn't lose a patient due to process error; basically, the fatality rate dropped by seven times. It was incredible. e crucial point you're making is to look outside the industry for expertise. Matties: I know we can go on, but do you have any final thoughts you want to share? Mitchell: First, I can't wait to see everybody again at APEX EXPO. It's going to be a great event. Second, we want to make sure every- body is being safe out there, so I encourage everybody to follow the best process to make sure that not only themselves, but everybody they're interacting with, is safe. ank you all for your compliance with what may be challenging rules that we're subjected to. But if we can, let's look past the rules, fol- low them, and then enjoy the time together, because that's what these guidelines are en- abling us to do. I am grateful for my team members who are working with the industry to make sure this is a successful event. Our staff—wheth- er it's the standards, education, events, or marketing team, all of them—they are all engaged in making sure that APEX EXPO is successful for the entire industry and ev- ery individual who attends. I want to express my gratitude for all the good work they do in working with the participants, whether they're exhibitors, presenters, or standards committee leads, to make sure this can be an event that they will long remember in such a positive fashion. Matties: ank you very you much and I look forward to seeing you at the show. Mitchell: All right, thanks for the time. SMT007

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