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68 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 Article by Jennifer Davis ARCH SYSTEMS At IPC APEX EXPO, Arch Systems will pro- vide demonstrations on modules within the ArchFX Manufacturing Excellence Platform, which leverages factory data to drive action- able insights and analytics. Millions of messag- es from all over the globe are sent every hour through ArchFX's advanced AI/ML technol- ogies, providing a comprehensive view of op- erations- powering action management across the entire organization. e ArchFX Platform combines direct-to- machine connectors, globally scalable data brokers, and cloud-based analytics for an end- to-end solution that achieves record speed from project conception to analytics-driven actions. For SMT manufacturers, data is ex- tracted and processed from sites, lines, and machines worldwide in just days and weeks, not years, all without disrupting existing oper- ations. e rich, centralized data powers global key performance indicators and predictive analyt- ics. Automating loss-reason understanding, Arch analytics models are enabling electronics manufacturers to reclaim from 20% to as much as 60% of untapped performance and utiliza- tion. Arch has built the largest collaboration of in- dustry domain experts that work hand-in-hand with data scientists to constantly map new sig- nals in the data, adding them to the ever-grow- ing library of operational analytics and recom- mendations. ese signals and recommenda- tions are changing how manufacturers tackle their most complex problems, allowing them to simplify and align actions both on the shop floor and the top floor. Arch is a recipient of the 2021 Global Technology and Mexico Technol- ogy Awards for their ArchFX platform. Arch- FX provides the machine connectivity, data management and advanced insights needed to achieve digital transformation and drive busi- ness decisions across the manufacturing orga- nization. SMT007 Jennifer Davis is head of marketing and communi- cations at Arch Systems. Working With Arch Systems' ArchFX Manufacturing Excellence Platform Jennifer Davis

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