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72 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 obtain a Qualified Product Listing (QPL) for SPI and AOI, which guarantees CFX support. Nevertheless, this is only the first of a series of steps to create a true smart factory. ere are multiple factors that create a smart factory; yet there will be key differentiators that will make a company thrive in the Industry 4.0 transforma- tion. Security, reliability, and interoperability are concepts that will resonate strongly among companies looking to stay competitive in the digital transformation race. ere are two key inspection processes that monitor SMT lines: SPI and AOI. SPI reviews the board aer exiting the printer and AOI in- spects the components aer reflow soldering. e processes are complementary: SPI en- sures the proper solder paste deposition, while Article by Ivan Aduna KOH YOUNG AMERICA IPC-2591 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) is an industry-developed open standard for as- sembly manufacturing that uses a secure, om- ni-directional, AMQP protocol and JSON data encoding to enable plug-and-play solutions to simplify and standardize both machine-to-business and machine-to- machine communi-cation. Koh Young implements IPC-CFX na-tively on its inspection systems through its KSMART Business Rules Management and the open- source IPC-CFX Software Development Kit. Koh Young was the first inspection equip- ment supplier to officially certify using the IPC- CFX Validation and Certification Program and Figure 1: Two key inspection processes monitor SMT lines: SPI and AOI. Ivan Aduna Leveraging the IPC CFX Qualified Product List

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