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74 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 AOI ensures the populated boards have the correct components placed, soldered, and ori- entated. ese inspection systems perform a critical role in quality management and pro- cess optimization but require accurate and re- liable 3D measurement-based data for a true smart factory. Inspection systems using AI- based learning will focus on generating and converting data into process knowledge and actionable insights, and IPC-CFX will facili- tate a secure and reliable environment to share the data throughout a smart factory. IPC-CFX delivers many topics, messages, and sections to aid with the integration pro- cess. One of the most essential messages for inspection systems is "StationStateChanged," which is sent by a process endpoint when the production state transitions from one state to another per its state model. Some common applications developed using this message in- clude remote monitoring, production status dashboards, machine utilization, line efficien- cy, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics. Figure 2 depicts a sample production status dashboard that can check machine sta- tus to help correlate and analyze machine per- formance across different processes and shis. e information therein goes beyond simple status updates. Advanced solutions can be cre- ated by utilizing historic data to predictive and schedule production line capacity, while sug- gesting efficiency improvements. ere are many ways to create a smart facto- ry via IPC-CFX, but the key is to understand how far you can go with the available data and create the necessary tools and applications that will help companies succeed in the next indus- trial revolution and digital transformation. Us- ing the protocol and its messages, plus the QPL certification is critical for inspection systems in the IPC CFX Validation and Certification Pro- gram. Hence, the best advice is to invest the time to review the information contained in these messages, and then ask yourself: How do I want the smart factory landscape to look like in the next five to 10 years? SMT007 Figure 2: A sample production status dashboard. Ivan Aduna is an MES Software Developer for Koh Young America. Ivan co-hosts the I-007e micro webinar series, Converting Process Data Into Intelligence with Joel Scutchfield.

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