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86 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 and regulatory requirements are used to identi- fy how to implement a data management plan/ process to support your company's products. e day-to-day tactical ins and outs of product data management should be executed per plan and in faith to the strategy. Sparton's Bill Toti Retires; Tracy Howard Tapped as Next President & CEO E Sparton President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Toti has retired aer leading the compa- ny for three years, including through the com- pany's transition to Elbit Systems of America during 2021. Siemens Reconfirms Commitment to Shipbuilding 4.0 with CESENA Opening E Siemens has inaugurated the Center of Excel- lence of the Naval Sector (CESENA) in Fer- rol, Spain, where state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to im- prove all phases of the ship design and con- struction process with the aim of transforming the entire value chain of the shipbuilding in- dustry and boosting its competitiveness. Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Cleanliness is Next to Reliability E Today's PCBs are highly populated with in- creasingly smaller device packaging. As a re- sult, these advanced device packages are ex- tremely difficult to clean due to tight densi- ties and configurations, especially with bottom terminated components. Current OEM system designs and those on the drawing board are driving these newer technologies, which are the foundation of advanced PCB assembly and manufacturing. iMUGS Consortium Demonstrates Unmanned Systems E e iMUGS Consortium, in charge of a 32,6 MEUR project developing the European stan- dard unmanned ground system (UGS), dem- onstrated how defense forces can use tactical 4G/5G communications networks and UGS' equipped with ISR and signal intelligence pay- loads, jammers, acoustic sensors, and various other technology to conduct missions. DoD Faces Growing Risks from Reliance on Lead in Electronics E e U.S. defense community is facing a small but growing problem that is increasingly un- dermining U.S. military readiness and techno- logical dominance. e problem is lead—spe- cifically, the lead-alloy solders that traditional- ly have been used to attach electronic compo- nents to printed circuit boards. Over the last 15 years, the commercial electronics industry has shied to lead-free solders, prompted by en- vironmental health regulations in Europe and elsewhere. However, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and its contractors never made the switch and are still heavily reliant on lead- ed solders. Now, leaded electronics are becom- ing harder to find and more outdated. Adventures in Engineering: Data Management Not Just Checking the Boxes E Good product data management is rooted in the thoughtful strategy, process, and execution of preserving your company's product data. A robust data management strategy is key to giv- ing direction to your company's data manage- ment processes. Product portfolio, pedigree,

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