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12 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Staff In recent surveys, PCB designers named high voltage among the issues causing prob- lems in their designs. at led us to speak with Zuken USA's Andy Buja, Wilmer Companioni, and Sanu Warrier about the challenges PCB designers and design engineers must confront when working with high-voltage designs. In this conversation, we discuss everything from the nuts and bolts of high-voltage design, such as the need to separate components of a high-voltage board, to the compliance prob- lems companies like Tesla face when install- ing EV chargers around the world in countries with varying regulations. Andy Shaughnessy: Zuken has been involved in the automotive side of things for a long time, and with EVs becoming more popular, we're seeing challenges with higher voltages and voltage switching. Would you talk about the challenges of designing high-voltage boards? High-Voltage PCB Design: Beating Separation Anxiety Wilmer Companioni: is is a combination of both high speed and high voltage, which is intriguing to me. When we're talking EVs, there are several different implementations. ere are the 48-volt systems and the mild hybrids, and there are 600-volt designs for the traction inverters. Andy Buja: One of our former CADSTAR resell- ers was a high-voltage and power supply engi- neer in the aerospace industry, working pri- marily for Moog. During a Joint Strike Fighter collaboration effort, they were working with some high-end voltages for the flap systems that were tweaking up as high as 8,000–10,000V because of high-altitude issues. When we're dealing with aerospace, now they're really breaking the envelope as far as getting so much on a small board. e whole idea was to con- tinue to utilize the 3D aspect that would lead to creepage and clearance spacings when you would have literal holes with grooves cut in the board to increase the spacing between contact points or between other conductors.

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