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JANUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 111 imide and .5 mil – 3 mils (12-75 µm) of adhe- sive. Based on your design, the adhesive thickness requirement is typically decided by the copper thickness that it is being bonded to. e higher copper weight the more adhe- sive is needed. e same holds true for bond ply. Figure 3 illustrates a four-layer flex circuit and demonstrates the use of coverlayer and bond ply. FLEX007 Visit Real Time with... American Standard Circuits (ASC), a special event, hosted by I-Connect007. Figure 3: Four-layer flex construction with bond ply and coverlayer. eter reading devices. They convert light signals into electrical ones and are commonly used on wearable electronics. Stretchable like a Rubber Band Given that conventional flexible semiconductors break under a few percentages of strain, the Georgia Tech findings are "an order-of-magnitude improve- ment," said Olivier Pierron, professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, whose lab measures the mechanical proper- ties and reliability of flexible electron- ics under extreme conditions. (Source: Georgia Tech) Continue reading the entire news item on Georgia Tech researchers have created a material that acts like a second skin layer and is up to 200% more stretchable than its original dimension without significantly losing its electric current. The research- ers say the soft flexible photodetectors could enhance the utility of medical wearable sensors and implantable devices, among other applications. Georgia Tech researchers from both mechanical and computing engineering labs collaborated over three years to demonstrate a new level of stretch- ability for a photodetector, a device made from a synthetic polymer and an elastomer that absorbs light to produce an electrical current. Photodetectors today are used as wearables for health monitoring, such as rigid fingertip pulse oxim- Soft Semiconductors That Stretch Like Human Skin Can Detect Ultra-low Light Levels

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