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JANUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 113 Today's PCBs increasingly must operate in challeng- ing condi- tions. Whether it's an iPad hot to the touch after several hours of gaming or a drone slic- ing through smoke and debris to monitor a wildfire, boards need protection from the ele- ments. That's where solder mask comes in. The promise of the digital transformation of the electronics design process is "zero- spin": going directly from design into vol- ume production. This requires that every existing check performed on a physical pro- totype has a digital equivalent—or, better yet, constraints synthesized from require- ments that ensure correct-by-design. As a grandfather of six, one of my great joys is spending time with them. There is nothing better than spending an afternoon at the park and playing on the teeter-totter. It's all fun and games until grandpa gets on one side, and they try to lift me. "Education is widely available in art, which implies that it is something that can be taught and learned," said Altium's Vince Mazur. Welcome to Kelly Dack's new column, Target Condition, where he will pur- sue the need for stakeholder advocacy in the printed circuit board industry. He will be deliberating top- ics essential to helping all of us understand what each PCB project stakeholder needs in order to achieve 100% acceptability for their stake in a PCB design project. Data is omnipresent. At times it goes unno- ticed, just waiting there for someone to collect, analyze, and make use of it to create value. Data that seemed irrelevant at the time might come in handy when you need to come up with a solu- tion to a new challenge. For the latest news and information, visit Connect the Dots: Best Practices for Solder Mask Application John Watson Elementary, Mr. Watson: PCB Data Management and Security Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Twin to Optimize Electronic Systems Solid Data Management Key to Accurate Quotes The Art and Science of DFM Target Condition: 'Dealing' With PCB Design

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