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20 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 Buja: Well, the world must define what AI is. Let's go back 30 years to when the first auto- router came out. Wasn't that AI for the day? So, AI, as Sanu said, has been around and we've always been this close, but no one ever bought into AI auto-routing at the time because they didn't like what it looked like. As long as AI is missing that personal touch and until we can get over ourselves and accept AI for what it can't deliver, as Sanu said, we'll always be "that close." It would be a great conversation to have with our colleague, Dr. Kyle. Matties: I'm quite interested in capabilities. Are we that close to eliminating the actual designer and only having somebody who looks at the output or the input? Because for me it's that AI achieves the removal of the subjective- ness of a designer. Johnson: We've touched on this idea today: ere's no way a design team could have all the required domain knowledge. It becomes an opportunity for the AI to help bring a more system level, this whole set of feedbacks for what your design decisions are going to lead to so that you can leverage that. e system-wide domain knowledge is in the AI, helping and guiding. Matties: We were hav- ing this conversation with Happy. You have to rank the priority of the board. Is it class, thermal, or harsh envi- ronment? And give the AI those inputs so that it knows what the output should be. B u j a : E xac tly. L o o k at DDR4 today as an example. W hen will we see the day when we can download a datasheet which is not necessarily in PDF, but import it into your tool and it automatically constrains the board? at's AI to me. Shaughnessy: Do you have any advice for some- body just now starting to work on high-voltage boards? Any caveats? Buja: Again, just from my recent experience with the creepage and clearance functionality that we've had out for quite some time, it's def- initely to understand your rule decks. Focus on net spacing rules, not layer spacing rules. Companioni: I agree with that. And do your homework. Shaughnessy: ank you all for talking with us. Buja: anks for the opportunity. DESIGN007 At Zuken, Andy Buja is an applications engineer, Wilmer Campanioni works in technical marketing, and Sanu Warrier is a customer advocate.

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