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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2022 FEATURE COLUMNS High Voltage PCB Constraints by Barry Olney The Misadventures of High Voltage and Other Power Problems by Tim Haag Mitigating Potential for High-Voltage Injury by Kelly Dack Uncompensated DC Drop in Power Distribution Networks by Istvan Novak FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES High-Voltage PCB Design: Beating Separation Anxiety Interview with Andy Buja, Wilmer Companioni, and Sanu Warrier High-Voltage Circuit Design Guidelines and Materials by Celso Faia and Davi Correia Automotive Electrification by Michael Gay A High-Voltage PCB Design Primer by Zachariah Peterson JANUARY 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS In recent surveys, readers mentioned high-voltage PCBs among the challenges that they're facing as the automotive segment, electric vehicles in particular, demand higher voltages. So this month, we asked our contributors to share their thoughts on designing high-voltage PCBs. High-Voltage PCB Design 28 40 50 56 12 22 36 44 12 22 36 44 28

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