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18 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2022 A few months ago, I was offered a unique opportunity to serve as the AltiumLive Con- nect 2022 show host for the virtual event dur- ing the last full week of January. It started with an idea I had during a meeting with Altium last October, to create a musical promo for the annual summit. I love to write songs and I've written a few which have been used commercially. But for a technical elec- tronics trade show, I knew that I would have to reach far outside my normal styles of com- position. I thought of my time working for Prototron Circuits in Seattle where I had the chance to have lunch with Anthony Ray, aka, Sir Mix-a- lot, one of their celebrity customers. (Hope- fully, that's another great story for another time.) I proposed, "Perhaps I could rap about it?" I reviewed some notes and interviews about the theme and goals for the AltiumLive sum- mit and the IPC APEX EXPO. I listened to an inspiring interview of Altium's Chief Eco- system Officer and head of Altium Nexar, Ted Pawela, and IPC's Vice President of Standards and Technology, Dave Bergman 1 . ey spoke of the Altium Summit's theme of "Connect" and IPC APEX EXPO's theme of "Digital Transcendence." Both organiza- tions have been working hard to aim their messaging and educational programs toward PCB designers. ey have executed their own dedicated missions to get the wave of new PCB engineers prepared to understand PCB design Livin' in a PCB Stakeholder's Paradise Target Condition by Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+

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