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FEBRUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 67 (potentially) multiple boards, with IC pack- ages and ICs on them. Only then can traditional authoring tools like PCB or IC flows be lever- aged to create the high-fidelity digital twin for the hardware domain. In the next column, I'll address how MBE enables analysis and verification throughout the design process. By embracing the digital thread and digi- tal twin as they move through the MBE flow, multi-discipline, multi-domain engineering teams can build the most exciting and innova- tive products of tomorrow, today. DESIGN007 David Wiens is Xpedition product manager for Siemens Digital Industries Software. To read past columns or contact Wiens, click here. domains. e digital twin is used to make system-level trade-offs, verify the design, and make optimizations through analysis. is flow consists of three broad activities that are essential to closing on the architec- ture, development, and verification of com- plex electronic systems. It begins with decom- position of the product and requirements into the electronics domain. Decomposition involves taking the high-level architecture and design requirements and breaking them down into different domains, including mechanical, electronic/hardware, electrical, and soware. ere is oen a gap between the requirements and domain architectures, requiring manual interpretation by the system engineer (think drawings and napkins) to decompose the requirements into multiple domains. Once the electronics domain component is defined, it must be further decomposed into Joe Clark, co-founder of DownStream Technologies, gives editor Andy Shaughnessy his report of what's been causing a 10% growth in his business during the past two years. He also discusses DownStream's recent addition of rigid-flex capabilities to the company's software. DownStream now allows documentation of multiflex rigid-flex in-line with the design process, as well as DFM checks of the signal layers and much more. Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2022: Disruptive Technologies Growing Business

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