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FEBRUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 81 Figure 7.4: A 4-2-4 stackup design. Although this example has an even number of layers, rigid-flex stackups can also have an odd number of layers, somewhat unique to rigid-flex designs. install applications, it's advisable to use mate- rials without adhesive where possible because materials with adhesive will fatigue sooner. Flex Reference Planes Oen, a cross-hatched pattern is etched into flex reference planes in order to increase Jeff De Serrano, president of PCB Technologies for North America, and Editor Andy Shaughnessy dis- cuss Jeff's current quest to acquire a PCB fabrication facility. Just six months into his new position at PCB Technologies, Jeff explains his plans for the next few years, including the company's focus on rigid- flex boards and their plans to invest heavily into high-tech substrates and microelectronics assembly. Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2022: High-Tech Rigid-Flex Boards and More

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