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FEBRUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 93 Dr. Bruce Archambeault is retired from IBM now, but as he explains, he's still teaching. He taught a class at the show that focused on layout considerations and inductance, and why inductance needs to be mea- sured. There weren't many empty seats in his class. I have recently had some great conversa- tions with many of you, and the same question keeps coming up: What does it takes to have an excellent component library? So, I have decided to kick off the new year by taking a deep dive into your PCB com- ponent libraries and looking in detail at the five pillars of your library. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a platform enabling embedded devices connected to the internet, to collect and exchange data with each other. Devices can begin to interact and work with each other, even learning from each other's experi- ence as humans do. What role do resins play? An empty board outline is a PCB designer's empty canvas. Components are the designer's paint palette, and the traces are the brush strokes used to blend and mesh the components together on the canvas. The subject matter is defined by the schematic entry and the tone is often set according to the purpose of the design. Editor Nolan Johnson chats with guest editor and colum- nist Kelly Dack, one of the event hosts for AltiumLive Connect 2022. Kelly updates Nolan on the latest about the upcoming AltiumLive virtual conference. We recently spoke with high-speed design expert Lee Ritchey of Speeding Edge, and electronic materials veteran Tarun Amla of Avishtech and Thintronics, about the rela- tionship between advanced PCB materials and high-speed design techniques. They discuss the challenges facing designers and engineers working with materials at speeds that were considered unreachable not long ago. For the latest news and information, visit If You're Not Measuring Inductance, Ask Yourself: Do You Feel Lucky? Sensible Design: The Rise of Resins in IoT Applications Elementary, Mr. Watson: The Five Pillars of Your Library, Part 1 Living in a Material World: High-Speed Design Strategies The Art of Using Symmetry— and Asymmetry—in PCB Design Kelly Dack Teases AltiumLive 2022

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