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4 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2022 FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES Summing Up the Facts in Additive and Semi-Additive Processes Interview with Mike Vinson and Tara Dunn The Carbon Footprint of HDI: Direct Metallization vs. Electroless Copper by Jordan Kologe and Leslie Kim Calumet is Bullish on Additive and Semi-Additive Interview with Todd Brassard and Meredith LaBeau The Novelty of the InduBond Press System Interview with Víctor Lázaro Gallego FEATURE COLUMN Additive, Semi-Additive, and Subtractive Fabrication by Michael Carano 10 20 30 66 52 FEBRUARY 2022 • FEATURED CONTENT How much is it going to cost to get into additive processing? Do the numbers really add up, or is it, as our parents used to say, a bunch of new math? What sort of ROI are we talking about? What equipment must you acquire in order to begin additive or semi-additive pro- cessing? Where's all the R&D? Do the Numbers Add(itive) Up? 10 30 52

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