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108 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Interview by Barry Matties I-CONNECT007 Once again, IPC APEX EXPO featured its successful STEM event, organized by the IPC Education Foundation, and sponsored by sev- eral companies, including I-Connect007. e event had nearly 80 students in person for a hands-on introduction to our industry. Aer the welcoming comments, the students broke into groups for different activities. While some enjoyed a guided tour of the show floor, upstairs the other students learned how to sol- der. en they rotated so that they all had the same opportunities. ese students, many of whom were having their first exposure to the world of electronics, kept focused on the task in front of them—sol- der a small circuit board that would make a connection for two LEDs to illuminate on the opposite side of the board. Students sat four to a table, a hot solder- ing iron next to them, a paper full of instruc- tions, and a chance for some true hands-on learning. As the students worked, volunteer IPC committee members and Emerging Engi- neers roamed around, helping students where needed and remembering back to their own first experiences in the industry. Of course, when you set several people at a table to complete the task it can quickly turn into a fun competition. We caught up with two students who did just that (See the video on page 112). ough this a STEM introduction event, we learned that several of the students we talked to had little intention of pursuing a career in electronics. Nonetheless, the exposure to the industry demonstrated that possible careers The IPC STEM Event Inspires

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