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138 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE time activities. It's not always easy to lug your guitar onto a crowded airplane, but the camara- derie we felt during our jam sessions was always worth it. We made new friends along the way while strumming along to our favorite tunes. 7. Forget my NOOM regimen for a week and gorge on sushi. I've always said that PCB industry events held in San Diego are great places to eat, sleep, and breathe all things PCB. What better place to seek out unique and even eclectic sushi cre- ations? As it turns out I'm not the only one who had this hankering. One of my colleagues mentioned to me that he spent approximately $190 on two finely-plated, certified sushi chef dishes. I was happy to head over to a moder- ately priced restaurant with a good friend, where we stuffed ourselves for around $80. I also oen popped over for local "grocery store sushi" for around $12. It's a good step up from "gas station sushi" (of which I will not partake). Fortunately, I was able to keep my NOOM diet app from crashing due to the high calorie intake by logging over 12,000 steps each day, and I returned home weighing one pound less than when I le for the shows. ere are no limitations for things to explore at these PCB industry shows with the excep- tion of time. Taking Dan Beaulieu's advice to make goals for the show really helped me to seek out some new opportunities to connect. If I could add to Dan's advice from my own expe- rience, hone your list down to a few goals and prioritize them accordingly. is year I made too many goals and physically could not com- plete them all. I will, however, slide them for- ward to next year. Always leave room in your schedule to explore the unknown and make new connections. S&T Kelly Dack is an I-Connect007 columnist. To read past columns or contact Dack, click here. Presenter: Kevin W. Wolfe, Environmental Engineer, Intel What is the most interesting question that your IPC APEX EXPO presentation answers? The most inter- esting question that the presentation addresses is, "What challenges will the electronics industry face from developing PFAS regulatory restrictions?"' What is your answer to that question, and why? The single biggest impact is likely to be disruptions to the supply chain for any chemistries and materi- als that contain organofluoro molecular groups or materials like fluoro-polymers. What is the most important piece of advice that have for your audience? My most important advice is to get your company involved as an active par- ticipant in an appropriate industry association with intent to thoroughly understand developments on PFAS regulatory restrictions, and to formulation meaningful actions and responses to them. IPC APEX EXPO: Conference Speakers Speak Out FAS Chemistries and Materials: Their Essential Uses in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Products, Pending Regulatory Restrictions, and Response Strategies

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