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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 173 ey are IPC-2591 CFX Qualified Vendors (QPL), which provide assurance that CapEx purchases will meet your IPC-2591 CFX mes- saging implementation plans. e complete list of qualified models is available at Professional Development Courses ere were four professional courses offered under this topic on Monday and Tuesday of the show. ese courses provided more detailed training than the usual technical paper but are not available to be purchased aer the show, like the bulk of the technical papers. • "PD06: Introduction to Machine Data Analytics in the EMS Industry," by Tim Burke, Arch Systems, Inc. • "PD13: Fan-Out Wafer/Panel Level Pack- aging and System-in-Package (SiP)," by John Lau, Unimicron Technologies Corp. • "PD19: Non-Contact Additive Technolo- gies in Contemporary Electronics Production and Related Fields," by Gustaf Martennnon, Graco. • "PD24: PCB Design and Process Imple- mentation for Advanced Semiconductor Package Technologies—Flip Chip, WLP, FOWLP, 2D, 2.5D and 3D," by Vern Solberg, Solberg Technical Consulting. Technical Sessions Here I will list 20 of the technical papers regarding Factory of the Future. I've selected what I consider to be the top five and high- lighted them with summaries. S01/FF1 Session • "Quality and the Smart Factory: A Study of Data-Driven Quality Management Across EMS Smart Factory," by Robin Hou, IBM Corp. With the advancement of emerging technol- ogies such as AI, cloud, and blockchain, the electronics manufacturing industry is enter- ing a new era of smart manufacturing. More and more electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers are investing in data and deep AI capabilities as part of their smart fac- tory effort to improve production efficiency, process capability, and quality. ese data and deep AI capabilities are oen implemented through enterprise hybrid clouds to achieve high availability, high scalability, and low IT operational cost. is paper discusses the status and trends of smart manufacturing implementation in the EMS industry, specifically focusing on quality management, as there are plenty of use cases of data and AI in quality management that are good candidates for smart factory implemen- tation. It elaborates details with examples of several quality management use cases involv- ing data, AI, and enterprise integration. In this paper, we also discuss the current maturity level and future trending and challenges in technology adoption and integration for smart factory in the EMS industry. • "In Line Implementation of the Photonic Soldering Process," by Vahid Akhavan, NovaCentrix. Photonic soldering utilizes high intensity flashes of visible light to achieve wide area heating with exceptional uniformity. Solder paste is heated to its liquidus temperature

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