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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 65 are the future. I'm curious what your takeaway was from the keynote. Fiet: Technology is improving, you can see that. In my department, we got rid of film. We're into LDI machines. I think we're going to continue to see more of that, but now they're doing inkjet of solder mask. at's crazy to me. Interview by Nolan Johnson Nolan Johnson visits with Allison Bud- varson about her reasons for visiting IPC APEX EXPO this year. Nolan Johnson: Allison, right now we're taking during a break at the EMS summit. Are you glad to be back at APEX EXPO? Allison Budvarson: Absolutely. This is my second APEX EXPO. I attended several years ago for the first time, and I'm really excited to be back because there's been such a long break in between. Johnson: What are you looking to take home with you back to Out of the Box after this week? Budvarson: I'm really excited to be attending the leadership summit today. It's nice to be able to con- nect with other owners and industry leaders to talk about solutions and changes to our industry, but I'm also really excited to check out the trade show floor, see equipment, and get to know what is new and exciting. Johnson: Do you have a shopping list? Budvarson: Yes, I do. Johnson: Out of curiosity, then, what are you look- ing for? Budvarson: You know, really the gamut from pick- and-place to inspection equipment, software, etc., kind of all over the board. Johnson: How many employees do you have? Budvarson: We have just over 60 employ- ees. Johnson: 60 employees? So, you fit more of a boutique profile? Budvarson: Absolutely. Johnson: Okay. Is it fair to say that Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future are high on your priority list? Budvarson: Absolutely. Johnson: How do you see that adding to your busi- ness? Budvarson: Well, I think that electronics manufactur- ing by nature is a low margin business. So, the more we can continually improve our processes and our products and be able to further automate and increase quality, all of us in this industry are able to increase our profit margins. That allows us to grow, we'll hire more people, and so forth. Johnson: Right, make the whole business spiral upward? Budvarson: The flywheel effect. Johnson: Awesome. Thank you. Budvarson: You're welcome. Thank you for coming by to talk to me. Voices of the Show: Allison Budvarson, Out of the Box Manufacturing Matties: Right. I think inkjet is something that we're going to see evolve and really get much more traction in the industry. It makes a lot of sense. Fiet: Yes, I agree. Matties: You know, when we look at process

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